What is Engine Lining?

  The engine liner is one of the parts inside the pistons. It performs the combustion process inside the pistons. Although it is popularly known as an engine liner, it is also called a cylinder liner. There are different types of cylinder liners in gasoline and diesel engines. Due to the working styles of the engines, diesel engines have wet and dry engine liners, while gasoline engines have water and air-cooled cylinder liners. Essentially, the engine liner is one of the basic parts that allows the vehicle to ignite. It surrounds these parts by forming the outer frame in the task of moving the pistons up and down inside the cylinder cavities. In other words, the pistons move inside the engine jacket. What Does a Engine Jacket Do? Both sides of the pistons face in different directions. The combustion chamber is located at the top, while the crankcase is located at the bottom. The main purpose of the crankcase is to prevent unknown substances from entering the engine and t